Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Bubble Massage Bath


Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Bubble Massage Bath helps to reduce inflammation, aches, pains, improve circulation & promote the healing of wounds. Such method of hydrotherapy incorporates the usage of ozone, ultrasound and negatively charged ions to stimulate effects produced by mineral, hot spring and waterfall baths. Hundred thousands of small energy bubbles that is generated from this Spa unit, press & stimulate the whole body every second: massaging 320 acupoints across the body thus relaxing the nervous system.

This Revolutionary product was researched and tested by the Kniepp Hydrotherapy Institute in Germany , and was designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

Collaboration with the Kneipp Institute of Hydrotherapy

Father Sebastian Kneipp left his legacy in the form of the Kneipp Institute of Hydrotherapy, a training and research institute which till today, remains as the number 1 authority in the world on Hydrotherapy.

Our hydrotherapy have been rigorously tested by the hydrotherapists and they have also formulated the special medicated series of Moya Hydrotherapy Oils and Moya Bath Salts specially for us.