Benefits of Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Bubble Massage Bath

5 Key Benefits of Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Bubble Massage Bath

1. Internal Warming


As ultrasonic waves are created when air bubbles rupture after colliding at high speed, wave energy is converted into heat energy. A 15 minutes Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Bubble Massage Bath with infrared radiation is sufficient to achieve internal warming of the bones and internal organs, improve blood circulation, increases our body
temperature and boosts the immune system, metabolic rate and stimulates the creation of blood cells. Blood vessels and capillaries are dilated so that blood circulation is increased, thus facilitating removal of impurities, influx of nutrients, and stimulation of the body’s immune system. Molecules in the body vibrate, creating a resonant effect and increased energy levels.

As tested by J.P. Industry University, the absorption of ultrasonic is 13% in bone, 3.3% in muscle and 0.0022% in water. Our body is comprised of 66% water, therefore can be penetrated and warmed up rapidly.

In an ordinary bath, such warming would take 90 minutes of immersion (at 42C or 108F degrees). Yet prolonged immersion in a hot bath or hot tub also causes dizziness and other ill effects (as warnings on hot tubs in hotels often advise), so practically speaking, it usually can’t be done. The closest analogy would be laying in the hot sun on a sandy beach for an hour. But this occurs in just fifteen minutes of hydro therapeutic spa.

Immersion in ultrasonic bath:
Quickly heats up the body from within
Increasing metabolic rate like a bath in a natural hot spring
Help blood vessel expansion
Enhance blood circulation, hematopoiesis
Build resistance against diseases
Eliminated tiredness
Promotes the normal secretion of hormones
Strengthens the function of reproductive organs
Improves the quality of family life

“Low body temperature syndrome” (LBTS) is a modern day sickness that has attracted attention from medical professionals from all over the world. Many medical experts have documented the dangers of LBTS in their writings.

2. Full Body Massage


Millions of ultrasonic bubbles exert a gentle 1.5 kg/cm² of pressure on our body, massaging our internal organs and achieve the effect of Hydro-Acupuncture at all our 320 acupoints, relieves tension and fatigue, relaxes and balances, massages the backbone and encourages the production of red blood cell, white blood cells, etc.

15 minute bubble bath is equivalent to traditional 1 hour massage. Hydro-acupuncture (penetrative massage) is beneficial for stress relieving, release fatigue & soothes sore muscles.

3. Deep Cleansing and Detox


Powerful bubbles from this home spa product:
Clean 150,000 pores in the skin
Bringing intense nourishment
Allows skin tissues to breathe better
Help detoxification
Increase metabolism

Ozone also serves to clear bacterial infections and improve overall skin conditions. With 10,000­15,000 micro-tremors produced per second, ultrasound is able to vibrate the dirt and grime from the deep within the pores and achieve the effects of a body scrub.

4. Beauty & Body Contouring


Today, overweight and obesity is spreading like an epidemic all over the world. 1 in 5 men and 1 in every 6 women are overweight. 30% of urban population is obese. Excess body weight is implicated as a risk factor to many serious diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, infertility etc.

It has long been known that overweight or obese people have a slower than normal metabolism that allows toxins to build up in their bodies. These toxins lead to illnesses, such as heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as increasing the risk of developing degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis and diabetes.

Ozone effectively whitens skin and remove dead skin cells. myHydrotherapy aim at improving your metabolism and detoxifying the entire body, thereby helping you prevent diseases. myHydrotherapy help you to be healthier and slimmer. After using for 15 min. 300-400 calories were burnt, ,firming up tissues & skin. myHydrotherapy help you lose the unwanted fats deposited in your arms, tummy, buttock, back & thighs. Thus, myHydrotherapy help you to be healthier and slimmer. whitening skin and and remove dead skin cells. Burn up to 300 calories. When bubbles on areas that want to work on, we can actually achieve target slimming, body firming and contouring. 15 minutes of daily helps to firm and contour your body including bust area. Overall, it has beautifying effect on the whole body, whitening skin and and remove dead skin cells. Burn up to 300 calories.

5. Passive Exercise & Leisure


During spa, the warming effect of our bones and blood circulation is measured to be equivalent to 3 to 5 km jog. This passive form of exercise has won spa machine a name called the lazy man exercise machine. This is the safest form of exercise which will not cause any sports injury.

15 mins of myHydrotherapy equal to 3-5 km jog. Safest form of exercise which will not cause any sports injury.

Our Hydrotherapy provides the following benefits:

1. AFFORDABLE – The installation and purchase cost is 25% of a Jacuzzi bath tub which ejects bubbles to massage your body. Most homes will not be able to afford an equivalent high- performance Jacuzzi bath which costs around S$10,000 to buy and install.

2. CONVENIENCE – No need to make appointment with a professional masseur. A 15-minute session on the home spa is equivalent to a one hour massage by a masseur. Anytime you wish to have a massage bath, you can just do it at home after a hard day and night’s work/entertainment with business associates.
No carpark fees, no need to worry about seeing a neighbour when you walk into the slimming centre, no need to makeup before you head out, you can spa even at 2am at night.

3. FAMILY MEMBERS CAN USE IT – It is just too costly to bring children to the commercial spas even once a week. Our Hydrotherapy is available for all at home.

4. PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME – No need to interact with outsiders like spa receptionist. Suits those who want the hydro-therapeutic water massage without the hassle and expense of masseurs at the commercial spas.

5. EASY TO INSTALL. You need an electrician if you want it to be installed above your bath tub. If you don’t want to install it, just connect to an electrical point and use it immediately.

6. UNIQUE GIFT. Condo developers and landlords who want something special to attract their prospective buyers or tenants. Realtors who want to give a unique present to their top expatriate clients who definitely will appreciate this gift as the whole family can enjoy it and remember the giver whenever they use it. It is a unique present to somebody you like.

7. SAVES TIME. Elderly parents with rheumatic or arthritic joints and muscle aches may benefit from the regular ultrasonic massage bubble bath. Our Hydrotherapy saves time as the children may have limited time to bring the aged parents for visits to the hospital for hydrotherapy. Always consult your doctor if you have medical conditions as Our Hydrotherapy provides SUPPORTIVE blood flow stimulation to bring healing cells to your affected body areas, anti-stress hydrotherapy and aromatherapy.

Our Hydrotherapy is suitable for people of all ages. For those who are unable to soak full body, Our Hydrotherapy foot spa is also effective in stimulating blood circulation and cellular activity because of the numerous acupressure points on the soles of our feet.