Living Water Living Life


Hydrotherapy is used today in hospitals and clinics to treat various conditions and is considered preventive medicine but no more. Nowadays, with modern technology and science, we can actually have all these in the comfort of our home. myHydrotherapy is a device that can serve this purpose. It combines the most powerful elements of Ultrasonic Wave, Oxygen, Ozone, Anions, and Far-Infrared Rays (FIR) which can only be found in waterfall and hot spring bath, naturally.

myHydrotherapy – The world first home spa machine with 3-in-1 feature – Ultrasonic, O3 Ozone anion and Far-infrared ray which Sauna, Jacuzzi and other traditional spa don’t have.

myHydrotherapy, is the product of a comprehensive research done by hydrotherapy specialists from German, Taiwan, Japan and China and is developed by using nano technology at Sebastian Kneipp Institute of Hydrotherapy, German.

Our goal is to help individuals set up their private myHydrotherapy centre at home so everyone in the family can enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits in the comfort of their own home every day. It is convenient, economical, and hygienic and it is private.

Our Philosophy
To assist the individuals towards bringing their body into balance which creates harmony from within. When this happens, the body is able to heal itself.

Our Mission is to
• Bring awareness among every individual about the importance of “HEALTH VIA HYDROTHERAPY”.
• Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment which dates back to 4th Century BC and used by many ancient cultures. Our mission is to introduce these ancient Hydrotherapy treatments in combination with nature and technology that is available across the globe for the benefit and well being of every individual.
• To bring all the advanced other concepts of holistic wellness (all natural therapies) from around the world and package it in a way such that it caters to the needs of the masses.
• Last but not the least to go beyond the realms of ordinary to extraordinary customer service and value irrespective of classes.